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We are basically a self-funded club, but you can never have too many friends! If you would like to help out in any way, just let us know [money isn't everything]. Prefer to be anonymous? No problem.


Lecture and Simul with GM Nadezhda (Nadya) Kosintseva

GM Nadya Kosintseva GM Nadya Kosintseva - Waiting for an opponent: Could Be You! Photo courtesy of Eventbrite

April 21, 2024. Waterville will be hosting a special event at the First Baptist Church on Saturday, May 11th, 2024: A Day with a Chess Grandmaster. Grandmaster Kosintseva will play 50 people at the same time! Get a PRIZE if you draw or win!

Participants must know at least the basic rules of chess and have a USCF rating of 2000 or under (i.e., most of us). Participants must bring their own USCF standard chess set (board and pieces). Participants will play the black pieces. No electronic devices will be allowed [so you must turn off your cell phone].

The morning will start off with a Blitz Tournament; afterwards GM Kosintseva will give a lesson with Q&A before the Simul in the afternoon. If you would like to play a Grandmaster, this is your big chance!


  • Early Bird Discount (full day): $99 (ends on April 30th 2024, no other discount may be applied)
  • Half-day (Blitz Tournament, Lesson, Q&A, spectate Simul only): $75
    Simultaneous Exhibition (Simul) only: $75
    Regular Ticket: $125
    At-The-Door Ticket: $135

  • Spectators only (free or donation ticket; no Lesson and Q&A included)
  • MECA members: $10 OFF; use code MECA
    MECA members will need to show MECA ID number
  • VETERANS: 15% OFF (applies to spouses & children also); use code VETERAN
    VETERANS will need to show veteran ID (VIC) at the door
    You will not be allowed to participate if you cannot show the appropriate ID.
  • Please note that all ticket sales are non-refundable.

  • Members of the Waterville Chess Club who need help to afford a ticket, can get in touch with us.

For more details, check out the website for the event or contact the organizer: Jorge Oliviera.

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Schedule and News

Usually Refreshed on Sundays

You can attend in-person meetings five or six days a week in this area!

Ad Hoc Games:

  • Waterville Chess Club members can also play by arrangement (either correspondence, online or over-the-board).


We usually send an email to our regular mailing list shortly before the beginning of the week with information about when, where and how we will meet; we typically use the Camden Chess Club community team at lichess.org; online meetings at other times are also available by request [see Contact and FAQ]. Drop us a line if you want to play without being on Zoom. You can also participate on chess.com or itsyourturn.com by special arrangement. If you have a different online chess presence, let us know!