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2022 Maine State Open Championship
22 or 23-24 April 2022

"You can see the results here.

"As I usually do, I am running a Maine Correspondence Championship (#3) again this year. We will start on Wednesday, May 18th. It will be on chess.com, and you will need to email me your username so I can invite you to the tournament. The time control will be 7 days per move and the tournament usually takes a few months." -- Wyatt Hendrix

It's Off to the Races!

Rich Strike at the 2022 Kentucky Derby
"Rich Strike, an 80-1 long shot who only entered the Kentucky Derby field on Friday as a last-minute replacement for Ethereal Road, paid off big for bettors with one of the biggest upsets in Derby history." - KDVR-TV - Photo by Nellie Carlson

22 May 2022. In a much less crowded field, the 3rd Maine State Correspondence Chess Championship began this past week. It is not clear yet which of us is the 80-1 shot (moviebuffc48f or JPC48) but the play is brisk; nobody seems interested in waiting 7 days between moves. It feels more like blitz. But once we get out of the opening book, perhaps things will slow down. So far it looks like an interesting variety of openings: Catalan, Dutch Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, English Opening and Indian Game. I will have more to say about these games once they are finished. "Chess.com's version of correpondence chess is called Daily Chess". I play without using opening databases, but "you are allowed use opening databases (like Opening Explorer). You are not allowed to use any other outside help like engines or endgame tables." This is a very pleasant way to stay connected to the world of chess without setting aside large chunks of time; if you enjoy playing but don't have a solid hour or two to play, give correspondence chess a look.

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Next in-person meetings:

  • Monday May 23rd, 2022. We will be meeting on Monday afternoon at the Dunkin' in Oakland [848 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Oakland, Maine] at 1 pm;

  • Tuesday May 24th, 2022. We will be meeting on Tuesday night at Five Guys in Waterville [373 Main St., Waterville, Maine] at 5:00 pm;

  • Note: Chess on Thursday nights at the University of Maine in Orono is on break for the summer; meetings are suspended until school resumes in the fall.

Next scheduled online meeting(s):

  • Thursday May 26th, 2022. The Waterville Chess Club will be meeting online Thursday at 6 pm.

  • Friday May 27th, 2022. The Camden Chess Club meets online every Friday at 4 pm.


I send an email to our regular mailing list shortly before the day of the meetings with information about when, where and how we will meet; we typically use the Camden Chess Club community team at lichess.org; online meetings at other times are also available by request [see Contact and FAQ]. The optional Zoom link is in the weekly email; participation by Zoom is optional. Drop me a line if you want to play without being on Zoom. You can also participate on chess.com or itsyourturn.com by special arrangement. If you have a different online chess presence, let us know!