Waterville Chess Club Lending Library

John Engle

Long-time member John Engle was kind enough to donate his chess books to the club so that we could all improve various aspects of our play. Waterville Chess Club members may borrow the books as long as they need to (bearing in mind that titles need to be shared by all members): just speak up at a regular weekly meeting or send an email to reserve a specific title. Here is a partial list to give you an idea what is available. We will expand the list as time permits.

Out To Title Author(s) Format
Available White Opening System - Combining Stonewall Attack, Colle System, Torre Attack Andrew Soltis Algebraic
Available The French Advance Tony Kosten Algebraic
Available Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess Josh Waitzkin Algebraic
Available The Trompowsky Attack GM Andrew Soltis Algebraic
Available The Game of Chess Edward Lasker Descriptive
Available Art of Attack in Chess Vladimir Vuković Algebraic
Available The Scotch George Botterill and Tim Harding Descriptive
Available The ABCs of Chess Bruce Pandolfini Algebraic
Available My Best Chess Games 1929-1976 Arnold S. Denker Descriptive
Available Modern Chess Openings, Eleventh Edition Walter Korn Descriptive
Available Chess Openings: Theory and Practice I.A. Horowitz Descriptive
Available The 1000 Best Short Games of Chess Irving Chernev Descriptive
Available The Chess Toolbox Thomas Willemze Algebraic
There are many more titles available (which will be added over time); feel free to contribute to the library yourself. We recently had a generous donation from an anonymous donor (and I have added a couple more of my own books); while I do enjoy dusting them off every once in a while, they could be put to better use than gathering dust on the shelves. A chess book makes a wonderful companion in any weather!
Anna The Art of the Middle Game Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov Descriptive
Anna The Sicilian! An Overview Senior Postal Master Jon Edwards Algebraic
Arnold My 60 Memorable Games Bobby Fischer Descriptive
Bob Lutz Beating the French Defense with the Advance Variation GM Andrew Soltis Algebraic
Colleen Concise Chess John Emms Algebraic
Don Chess Tactics Paul Littlewood Algebraic
Don Gambit Opening Repertoire for Black Eric Schiller Algebraic
Don From My Games: 1920-1937 Dr. M. Euwe, translated by F. Reinfeld Descriptive
Erica Play Better Chess Leonard Barden Algebraic
Jacoby How to Play the Nimzo-Indian Defence
"The Nimzo-Indian is one of Black's soundest defences to 1 d4 and forms part of the repertoire of virtually every leading player. In this book the authors summarise the major strategic ideas for both sides and give a number of useful rules which will guide the player in making opening decisions. In addition, complette games are give in every line, thus allowing the reader to understand the middle-game positions which arise."
Raymond Keene and Shaun Taulbut Algebraic
Josh The Complete c3 Sicilian
The Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence is a devastating weapon in the hands of a well-prepared player. Black's "Dragon" bishop puts enormous pressure on White's center and is often instrumental in delivering the deathblow to White's king.
Murray Chandler Algebraic
Josh Winning with the Dragon
The e3 system has always been viewed as a difficult one for Black to meet, but recent years have witnessed a wholesale change in its image. No longer is it a try for a slight edge; now it has captured the imaginations of attacking players such as John Nunn and Judit Polgar.
Chris Ward Algebraic
Zach The Complete Book of Chess I.A. Horowitz and P.I. Rothenberg Prose
Selected Library Books

Here are some of the titles available; I will be adding them to the library as time permits. If you are looking for a particular title, just let me know.