Waterville Chess Club Players Index

Players Index


Links to club member games on this site.

I have recorded some games played against fellow [current and former] club members; check out the Waterville Chess Club Games page for a small selection (which will gradually grow over time). The games are organized by opening and by player, with some interesting positions from games which were not recorded in their entirety. Most of the games are presented using the Caissa's Web tool, which allows you to replay the game (from either the White or Black perspective) and look at/download the PGN file.

  • Alex
  • Anna
  • Arnold
  • Barry
  • Ben M.
  • Ben W.
  • Bob
  • Don [Organizer]
  • Don E.
  • Ed
  • Glenn
  • Isaac
  • Jarod
  • John E. [Vice President]
  • John G.
  • Johnson
  • Josh
  • Kate
  • Kevin
  • Mark [President Emeritus]
  • Michael
  • Miles
  • Pete
  • Ray
  • Reif
  • Roger
  • Steve
  • Travis
  • Tyler
  • Will
  • Wyatt

Note: After many years of running the club, Mark McPheters has stepped down. We miss him a lot and wish him the best in his retirement.